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We are all part of Geom Hacks and we will make sure that you are satisfied

Oleksandr Gorpynich Founder

Hey everyone, I am a Co-Founder of Geom Hacks. I deeply enjoy coding and have experience with c++, c#, javascript, and some others. Through this hackathon, I aim to inspire and educate others while also making sure they stay safe.

Lino Le Van Founder

Hey all, my name is Lino Le Van and I am a co-founder of Geomhacks. I am a sophomore at Saint Francis High School and I love programming. My top 3 languages are javascript, python, and c#. I hope to inspire others through my programming projects.

Gavin Wong Founder

I am a junior at Lynbrook High School, and enjoy programming in Java, Python, and Swift. I am super excited to be the Co-Founder of Geom Hacks

Michael Peng Director of Sponsorships

Hello, my name is Michael Peng and I am a rising junior at Lynbrook high school. I have enjoyed programming in the past and am super excited to help others share this experience as Director of Sponsorship at Geomhacks.

Allen Y. Outreach Director

Allen is a current junior at Lynbrook High School and has many years of coding experience. He is very passionate about computer science, and is specifically interested in web design, machine learning, and cybersecurity.

Ricky W. Sponsorship Officer

Ricky is a junior at Lynbrook High School who first discovered CS out of curiosity. Since then, he has been pursuing multiple facets of CS extensively, including app design, video game design, and machine learning.

Rahul Kaura Tech Management

I am currently a sophomore attending Lynbrook High School. I love to program in Java,Python, and leverage AI and ML for a greater impact. I am so hyped to be a moderator for GeomHacks!

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