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Hone your coding skills. Meet like-minded people. Create meaningful projects.

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This is GeomHacks II

We are a non profit student-led hackathon that primarily targets high school and middle school students. Our goal is to direct the use of technology for societal good. Our subgoals include gathering a group of like minded people together and delivering an opportunity to create for a global community of coders.


GeomHacks will be completely virtual taking place over Zoom and Discord. Projects will be submitted over Github.


Anyone from anywhere in the world is able to attend GeomHacks for free. We will have no restrictions on anything other than age.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • A hackathon is an event during which students create teams and create projects based on a given theme. At the end of the event, the projects are judged and winners recieve prizes.

  • Not at all! Beginner projects will be judged in a "beginner" section and everyone will have a chance to win prizes. Additionally, we will host helpful coding workshops during the event and have live support from our officers.

  • Everyone from your team will need a Discord and Zoom account. One member will need a Devpost and Github account for project sumbission and judging.

  • We encourage people to team up and form teams of up to 4 people but it is not required. If you do not have a team yet, we will host a session to meet new teammates.

  • Prizes will either be virtual (giftcards, subscriptions, etc...) or mailed.


Oleksandr Gorpynich


Lino LeVan


Andrey Otvagin

Outreach Officer

Matan Kedar

Sponsorship Officer

Sovie Prasad Shekhar

Sponsorship Officer